Welcome to The File Depot...Hopefully you are here looking for a Simply Smarter way to manage your data, documents, and records. Our full service facilities are secure, confidential and locally owned and managed by our franchisees. The result is a knowledgeable staff that cares about providing clients with the highest level of service in a customizable package that will save you money. No doubt, we live in a world today where identify theft is on the rise and medical records, credit cards receipts and other documents can no longer be safely stored in the back room, the attic or the mini-storage. How long should you keep a record and what’s the safest and most confidential way to dispose of a record? This is just a couple of the many questions people are looking for answers to as they deal with their records. We are a national company with 32 locations in nine states from New York to California with more openings scheduled throughout the United States. We offer confidential records storage, retention and disposal services for both paper and digital records via The File Depot Cloud. All client records are bar-coded and managed to avoid keeping records you no longer need and disposing of them in a proper, legal and secure process. We look forward to having you join our long list of satisfied clients. Let us know by calling or emailing us if you have any questions.
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