Besides record storage, scanning and shredding. The File Depot can assist you with many other document and records management related services.



See how we can save your organization money, free up your employees for more productive work, and allow you to have peace of mind knowing your record assets are well cared for.



Many of our clients use both our digital Imaging services as well as our records storage services. We offer complete imaging, storage and online or offline access to your documents.



We have been storing and shredding sensitive, proprietary and private information for over 20 years. Let us put our secure containers, processes and personnel to work for you.



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We have put together an extraordinary ‘turn-key’ business opportunity that provides an important cost-effective service to virtually every type and size business. As we expand nationally and internationally, we are looking for dedicated business owners who would like to create long term relationships with their clients while providing a full range of document management products and services.

Testimonials – The File Depot Franchisees

Randall P. Settoon

“Becoming a profitable File Depot franchisee was easy and quick. It took only a matter of weeks to open for business and to secure our first customers! Representatives of The File Depot parent company were with us every step of the way — from helping us find a warehouse location, materials-handling equipment, and promotional materials, to helping us land our first major customer. We have had revenue growth every quarter since acquiring our franchise, and our reputation for providing excellent customer service under The File Depot brand has helped us grow our customer base. Becoming a File Depot franchisee was the best decision my partners and I ever made!”

Scott Kimbrell Jr.

“I found The File Depot easy to get started and did not require a large investment of time and money. This has been an easy service to manage and requires a minimal amount of time to operate. Once your customers are familiar with the services, the business grows on its own as they continue to create more records for storage.”

Lonnie Granier

“I opened the doors of my File Depot location on my 22nd birthday. A recent college graduate in a degree program other than business, I had absolutely no business experience, along with a limited credit history and little money to spend, but The File Depot just seemed like the right fit, so I took a chance and dove in head first. The entire File Depot team just made me feel right at home; they helped me get everything started, provided me with all the necessary knowledge, and made sure I was well equipped and trained to offer these types of services. Within a few months, I was making more money than I expected, and the growth has been exponential ever since. At 22 years old, I am blessed to enjoy the kind of financial freedom that some people work their entire lives for and never achieve. I owe it all to A.G., Rob, and the rest of the The File Depot team for encouraging me to attain the kind of success that this business model guarantees.”

The File Depot Franchise

The File Depot is now on the official SBA franchise registry. This will help give you further peace of mind in verifying business activity and legal compliance.

Franchise Registry

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