Many businesses are reliant on their customer’s trust: trust to get a job done well and correctly,
trust that the customer is receiving a fair price, and, arguably most important of all, trust that
their financial and personal information will be safe in the hands of those running the business.
Customer trust is imperative for a business’ success. Files stored improperly or sloppily put you
and your business at risk of misplacing important and personal client information. Attempting to
find files in a mess takes up valuable time and slows down your business considerably.
Repeatedly gathering information that you cannot find or that has been misplaced also reflects
poorly on your operation and causes your customers to doubt their privacy. Why would you not
want to ensure customer privacy and protect that trust (and by extension your business)?
File storing at an offsite location provides organization and security. It also saves space by
removing mountains of paperwork from your location. By storing your clients’ information at a
secure offsite storage facility such as The File Depot, you guarantee that sensitive documents
and information will be stored with care and discretion.
The File Depot’s facilities are as secure as possible. With 24-hour burglar alarms, fire alarms,
and video surveillance, no harm will come to your customers’ information. The File Depot is also
HIPAA compliant, so sensitive medical files are safe to be stored. Every box that you store at a
File Depot facility is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever you need
your paperwork, it is at your disposal as if it were in your office. Each box is cataloged using a
precise barcode tracking software for storage and retrieval. Prior to storing, The File Depot can
even help you with organizing all of your information and files for maximum efficiency and will
shred any documentation you no longer need. Would you rather store the files and simply
access them digitally? The File Depot also provides digitization services and can scan and send
important documents directly to you through a secure cloud system.
No matter your preference in a method, The File Depot has the answer to your file storage and
retrieval problems. You and your customers will have peace of mind knowing that your files are
stored securely, protecting your business and, by extension, their trust and privacy.