Besides record storage, scanning and shredding. The File Depot can assist you with many other document and records management related services.



See how we can save your organization money, free up your employees for more productive work, and allow you to have peace of mind knowing your record assets are well cared for.



Many of our clients use both our digital Imaging services as well as our records storage services. We offer complete imaging, storage and online or offline access to your documents.



We have been storing and shredding sensitive, proprietary and private information for over 20 years. Let us put our secure containers, processes and personnel to work for you.



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The File Depot - Blog

What’s In Your Unit!!

Are there Rats and Snakes hiding in your files?  Do your employees have to deal with unwelcome guests in your records storage area?  It looks like this snake made several passes between the boxes to shed its skin.  Let The File Depot manage your records for you to...

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Wasted Office Space!!

Wasted Office Space!! This room used to be a large file storage area for a company.  As their file storage needs changed, their need for space decreased.  Now they have a room that could be converted to offices and used productively and/or leased out.  They let The...

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Is there a leak in your file box storage area right now?

This can happen when your records storage area is not visited every day.  Notice how water, from the leak in the roof that wasn’t noticed right away, progressed down each level of boxes.  This company now stores with The File Depot where we look through our facility...

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Think twice before storing records in your basement.

Storing business records in a basement may not be the best idea.  Many companies like this law firm, thought it was a good idea because space was readily available. Unfortunately, there are many hazards in a basement for records.  You can see electrical hazards,...

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Why you may not want to store records in a mini-storage.

This client had older records stored in a mini-storage unit and hadn’t opened it up in a couple of years.  When we did, they found out that the unit had taken on water at some point, and all the bottom boxes had water damage.  Notice the bottom boxes were wet and are...

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Customer Privacy

Many businesses are reliant on their customer’s trust: trust to get a job done well and correctly, trust that the customer is receiving a fair price, and, arguably most important of all, trust that their financial and personal information will be safe in the hands of...

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The Importance of Records Storage

Proper confidential records storage is vital to your organization. Outsourcing this task can save you and your business a significant amount of time, money, and hassle. By hiring a company that can ensure proper records management, you are ensuring the following:...

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Shred It to Save It

Identity theft can be devastating, but there are simple things you can do to catch it early and prevent it altogether. Actions as easy as checking your credit score and bank statements on a regular basis and using antivirus software on your computer can keep your...

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